In this pilot from writer Kate Axelrod I play a biker named Bud.

Director: Pete Hewitt

Commercial Spot for The Woodstock Comedy Festival 2017

Director: Neil Tardio

Web Promo for Disney Jr. with Scary Mommy

Director: Phebe Szatmari

Commercial for TransferWise

Directors: Andy Knowles and Simon Lewis

In this promo for Netflix called "Brotrons," I play a real doucher named Christian who loves Voltron.

Director: Andy Knowles

I play "The Wing Guy" in this excerpt from Comic Strips. There was only about a minute of usable footage because my co-star kept laughing. Enjoy!

Director: Angelica Pasquini

In this clip from Sex Esteem, I play a husband discussing sexual fantasies with his wife. Hilarity ensues. 

Director:  Isak Tiner

I channel Benedict Cumberbatch when I  play the Grim Reaper in this clip from the web series So You're Dying.

Director: Andy Beckerman