I co-wrote these shorts and produced them with my friends at Good Baby Films

A spaceship crew prepares for what may be their final showdown.

Matt learns that when Mike says best friends are forever, he means it.
The boys get kidnapped and remembering a name becomes a matter of life and death.
Trouble with the living? Call Ray Parker, Sr Attorney at Law. No one is better equipped to handle your paranormal legal needs.
Mike thinks he's rid history of one of its greatest villains but when he brags to the boys he realizes things aren't quite right.

 "New in Town" Episode 1. 

Charlie is a down on his luck actor trying to find his place in a harsh world. His best friend Becky is determined to cheer him up by helping him pick up an attractive lady at their local bar.

"New in Town" Episode 2. 

 Charlie surprises Becky with a Life Debt Party to celebrate one year of being best friends, but Becky has a secret that she fears might tear them apart.