Enjoy this Pharma Ad parody from The Dad

Director: Nick Fabiano

Aphukenbrake now comes in an extended release version!

Director: Nick Fabiano

This video for The Dad features me as my truest self. You’re welcome.

Director: Nick Fabiano

I play The Tall Dad in this episode of the series "Other Dads" featuring the fabulous Michael Kayne.

Director: Nick Fabiano

Another original video from The Dad

Director: Nick Fabiano

I provide the Voice Over for this cool promo from Inverse Media and The CW!

Commercial spot for the Woodstock Comedy Festival 2017

Director: Neil Tardio

Commercial for TransferWise

Directors: Andy Knowles and Simon Lewis

Web Promo for Disney Jr. with Scary Mommy

Director: Phebe Szatmari

Web Promo for Shutterfly with Scary Mommy

Director: Nick Fabiano

Web Promo for Netflix

Director: Andy Knowles