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Matt Clevy

"Rhymes with chevy"

Matt Clevy is an actor, comedian, and writer originally from Nashville, TN.  He received his MFA in Acting from The Brown University/Trinity Rep MFA Programs and since moving to New York has studied improv and sketch at The Upright Citizens Brigade. Matt also produces original comedic content with his partner Mike Sapp under the name Mpire Comedy. His work has been featured on Funny or Die, Comedy Cake, and various other websites. He's been featured in commercials and web-videos for Netflix, Disney Jr., Scary Mommy, and many other fine brands. He can be seen performing regularly at comedy venues all over the city. If Jason Segel, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell were genetically fused together in a miraculous and beautiful science experiment, that would be Matt Clevy.



In this pilot from writer Kate Axelrod I play a biker named Bud.

Director: Pete Hewitt

Commercial Spot for The Woodstock Comedy Festival 2017

Director: Neil Tardio

Web Promo for Disney Jr. with Scary Mommy

Director: Phebe Szatmari

Commercial for TransferWise

Directors: Andy Knowles and Simon Lewis

In this promo for Netflix called "Brotrons," I play a real doucher named Christian who loves Voltron.

Director: Andy Knowles

I play "The Wing Guy" in this excerpt from Comic Strips. There was only about a minute of usable footage because my co-star kept laughing. Enjoy!

Director: Angelica Pasquini

In this clip from Sex Esteem, I play a husband discussing sexual fantasies with his wife. Hilarity ensues. 

Director:  Isak Tiner

I channel Benedict Cumberbatch when I  play the Grim Reaper in this clip from the web series So You're Dying.

Director: Andy Beckerman

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Mpire comedy


Mpire Comedy is Matt Clevy and Mike Sapp

We produce high quality, hilarious original content for the web

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A spaceship crew prepares for what may be their final showdown.

Matt learns that when Mike says best friends are forever, he means it.
The boys get kidnapped and remembering a name becomes a matter of life and death.
Trouble with the living? Call Ray Parker, Sr Attorney at Law. No one is better equipped to handle your paranormal legal needs.
Mike thinks he's rid history of one of its greatest villains but when he brags to the boys he realizes things aren't quite right.

420 is Christmas Morning in the Mpire house. Matt, Matt, and Mike meet Snoop Claus and discover the true meaning of 420. This video will get you so high!

 "New in Town" Episode 1. 

Charlie is a down on his luck actor trying to find his place in a harsh world. His best friend Becky is determined to cheer him up by helping him pick up an attractive lady at their local bar.

"New in Town" Episode 2. 

 Charlie surprises Becky with a Life Debt Party to celebrate one year of being best friends, but Becky has a secret that she fears might tear them apart.



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